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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day In Satwa Life

Satwa is a 'city' that never sleeps, a haven for community spirit, an Aladdin's cave offering a never-ending treasure trove of bargains for everyone who visits.Satwa has expanded along with the rest of Dubai over the past 30 years, with a growing Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Filipino and Arab population.
The redevelopment of Satwa is already underway.
The Satwa community is a one-stop-shop for textiles, tailoring and all those who love shopping for bargains.After an evening stroll down Satwa Road, shoppers can refresh themselves at the many tiny cafes and restaurants.
Many expatriates live in Satwa because of its close proximity to the business centres.Evenings at Satwa where the shopping malls and the roads are very much alive.
Satwa is very busy with all the shops that have opened over the last 18 years.Barbers at work. Barber shops are commonly situated in Satwa where men get good grooming.
Gold on display at the stalls along Satwa Road.The photocopier stall in Satwa is very useful for office personnel and job seekers as well.
Satwa is not complete without shawarmaWant car accessories? You can find those in Satwa.
Bus stops are part of people's life in Satwa. Satwa residents take public buses to go to work.Some of the famous landmarks along Satwa Road.
In Satwa you can get all the services you want for your car.

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