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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sharjah's bustling Old Souq area

Wide choice: An Emirati woman looks at long colourful dresses known as ‘Jalabiyas’ in Al Shuwaiheen area of Sharjah.
It is well-known shopping area and people from other emirates come here to do their shopping.
Popular hangout: The Old Souq which has been running for more than 25 years has several eateries which attracts thousands of customers every day
The Old Souq area is also popular with families who bring their small children to buy toys.
Brisk business: Cafeterias in Al Shuwaiheen area capitalise on the huge numbers of people visiting the Old Souq.
Emirati women out and about in the Old Souq shopping area.
Fragrance trade: The Old Souq is known for its incense and garment shops. The best oud (incense) can cost as much as Dh7,500 per kilogram.
As there are many art galleries and art-related activities held throughout the year, the area is also referred to by residents as the Arts Area.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I was in UAE in 2010. I went to this souk though not sure of the name. I bought some nice jalabiyas at very affordable prices (around 150-200aed!). Just wanted to check with you if there's a souk that's called Souk-al-hareem or its this same souk. sf

UAE said...

Yes there is a souk called Souk - Al Hareem it is an all women Souk in Oman.